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    All steaks are served with grilled corn, potatoes and green pepper sauce.

    In some situations, certain cuts may not be available, due to the slow aging process. Thank you for understanding!

    The process of dry aging is completed by stocking in the professional fridge the full rack of ribeye and whole loin (8-12 kg each) at controlled temperature and humidity respectively 2-3 degrees Celsius and 80-90%. Through the whole period of aging permanent ventilation exposes the meat evenly to the electronically controlled conditions.

    We chose to age the meat up to 21 days and for the most pretentious of our guests we prepare ribeye and t-bone aged for between 30 – 60 days and served Florentine style, respectively 2 inches | 5 cm thick. With the aging process completed, the meat is portioned and vacuumed. Stocking the portions in vacuum further increases the intensity of the taste when steaks are grilled.

    Due to the loss of about 10% from the meat humidity the superiority of the dry aged steaks consists in a more intense taste and a more tender meat. Because of a natural process that rips the muscle fibers and a special juiciness coming from the dehydration of the fat content, the meat becomes “creamier”.

    Enjoy a dry aged steak accompanied by a glass of wine from the house’s selection.